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    I’m so grateful that I’m able to know you, but I want to really know you. I know things about you, but I don’t know you. It’d be a privilege to know all of you. What makes you upset; what you think about at 3 in the morning, alone in bed, just staring into complete darkness, knowing you be sleeping anytime soon. I wish to know all your small habits, or your perspective on anything. What your skin feels like. What your favorite shirt is. How you take your coffee. I just have the strongest desire to learn everything about you, and to be able to say that I know you.

    if you’re wondering what happened to aaron carter, he’s pretty much the white version of Lil B but scams on the girls who couldn’t go to his concerts when he was popular bc they were like 5 at the time


    La Dispute

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    The Story So Far

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